Pilleurs de Brume (aka Mist Raiders) is an interactive boardgame on tablet (an iPad), in which the gamer can control his game with his smartphone (an iPhone).

This project aims to rediscover board game, a playful and social activity that we easily take to heart creating rules of our own, having a favorite pawn… We wanted to explore new possibilities given by touch screen devices in this particular game field.

The story takes place in a steampunk pirate universe : a scavenger hunt where players choose a captain, a flying ship and go find a legendary artefact, the Stone mist. The scenario stages in a floating world scattered in tiny islands, surrended by a see of mist and clouds.

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Pilleurs de Brume - the digital board game from Pilleurs de Brume on Vimeo.

Pilleurs de Brume - Demo from Pilleurs de Brume on Vimeo.