Onirigami is an iPad adventure game, for 2 players in a cooperation mode.
You play with two pawns, one per player, that you place on the iPad, when you hold the pawn it is immediately recognized by the tablet.

The story takes place in a fantasy world inspired by the lost children in Peter Pan (J. M. Barry). Our heroes are two children travelling together in this wild world, where there are no adults. They will meet tribes of children surviving on their own, gathering in small villages of wooden houses, and making their own rules.
To survive, each child has a magical mask representing an animal. This object, unique to each child, grants them the powers of that animal : strength, underwater breathe, fly,…

Players will choose between several figurines, each one will be a different character that possesses specific skills in the game.

The story will be divided into different seasons of five episodes each.

Onirigami has won the "Prix Genilem HES-GE", a swiss award for innovative ideas that gives us funds and the opportunity to create a start up and realize this project.

Onirigami has also been selected for the Call for Design Projects 2014 by Pro Helvetia.

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Boston Swiss Gaming Corner (2014)


Onirigami was originally a game with a tangible pawn, a paper set and mapping projections on a table.
The player discovers an interactive story and triggers the events by moving the pawn on the landscape.

This project aims to explore narrative posibilities and techniques in a video game : here the player discovers a non linear scenario as he explores space.

Paper objects are also obstacles, their physical presence echoes classical game colliders.

This installation was shown at LIFT conference 2012.

Graphic, Motion & Game design : Marion Bareil
Programing : Marion Bareil, Michael Boutrin, Douglas Edric Stanley

HANDCRAFTED TECHNOLOGY Workshop, given by Camille Scherrer.

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The first trailer for the installation prototype, presented at LIFT Geneva (2012)

Onirigami from Marion Bareil on Vimeo.