Monster chef is a party game that deals with cooking. From 2 to 6 players.
The goal is to achieve a recipe together in a limited time with the highest score.

Players are cooks, have one iPhone each and follow the instructions of the Chef that plays with an iPad.

The (Monster) Chef distributes the ingredients to the cooks. The cooks have only one tool (kitchen knife, peeler, kitchen scale) to process them, so they have to perform together the good gestures in the right order, and finally give the ingredient back to the Chef.

At this point the Chef heats all the ingredient in the pan (the iPad), and the cooks have to put the right amount of condiments and/or spices in the right order.

The purpose of the game is not teaching (despite discovering new recipes!), it is a humoristic party game with a horror movie mood : players are put to the test by a recently deceased chef that torments them during the game (blinding smoke, vegetables screaming for their lives,…).

Game concept & Graphic design :
Marion Bareil
Jostna Kureth