Multiplayer & geolocalized urban game using a smartphone. The player is a prisoner trying to escape from a virtual prison inside his smartphone.
To win the game, the player has to take pictures of some objects in the city that he can use in his virtual prison.
All the prisoners can collaborate or denunciate and slow down each other.
Only one can escape from the virtual prison.

Game concept, Graphic & Motion design :
Marion Bareil
Ilina Catana
Alice Haldenwang
Jostna Kureth
Yuan Li

EMERGENT GAME MECHANICS Workshop, hosted by Étienne Mineur, Nicolas Nova and Annette Lenz.

The game teaser is exhibited for the Playtime exhibition in la Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdons-les-bains, Switzerland.

©HEAD-Genève Master Media Design

Esc - La prison virtuelle from Marion Bareil on Vimeo.